Archive | Refugees Seeking Safety


The Refugees Seeking Safety simulation was first developed as a project in a Fall 2014 freshman social justice course at Cabrini University after a summer when an unusually large number of unaccompanied minors were fleeing to the United States.

The Cabrini students presented the simulation in two public settings, one at Cabrini Day in the fall and the other at Founder’s Day in the spring, both mission-focused opportunities for campus-wide education. Some members of the class joined the CRS Ambassador program and collaborated with their fellow Ambassadors to expand the program to the one you see here, which was developed for the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Cabrini College-Catholic Relief Services Partnership on April 14, 2015.A grant from CRS and the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities supported the public presentation and website development. We hope that the simulation will be used by other campuses and groups.

In 2018, this simulation was expanded to include refugees fleeing from war and persecution, such as Syrian refugees.

Many students collaborated to develop the simulation. Those who worked to develop this website are Katie Briante, Mackenzie Harris, Emily Janny, Anna Laquintano, Marissa Roberto, and Ashley Sierzega.