Person standing in front of the advocacy section gives the visitors a bracelet and postcard and directs them to the first table.

  • Table 1
    • The person managing the table will ask how the whole experience was. Then they will proceed to ask the visitors if they would sign the poster “I Understand What it Means to be a Refugee Seeking Safety” to validate that they understand the simulation. They then tell them that to find out more information on the topic they can visit the links that are on the post card. Then they direct them to the 2nd and 3rd tables.


  • Table 2 and 3
    • At these tables there will be letters to congress for people to read over and write their suggestions, feelings or opinions on the topic in a comment section. These letters will be filled out with the visitors address on the bottom so the group knows which congressmen to give it to. Also at these tables there will be extra bracelets scattered around as well as pictures of refugees and people lobbying for them around the table. Remember in the end to thank them for coming and send them off to the exit.

There is no official script because this is a station mostly for questions so here are few talking points to be familiar with.

Talking Points for the Tables


    • We urge you to reach out to congress so they can help make a difference with the violence, lack of opportunity and desire to reunite with families in the United States
    • Educate yourself more on the issue. Always check for updates.
      • Current campaign is called Bring Home Dignity for Migrants.
      • Become more informed with the issues around the world
      • Stay informed with the issue and how CRS is working with the people to find a better way to live
      • Open your eyes
    • We in the USA are surrounded by many resources to help protect a child crossing the border seeking safety
    • Donate
      • Why give money?
        • CRS is going to use the donations to keep funding in the programs they have in place ..resources, staff …92% of it goes to programs oversees
        • protect the future generations
      • Online / Mail
        • You can do it once or regularly, you can donate small or large amount, anything helps and is greatly appreciated
        • After your journey, send donations to: Catholic Relief Services P.O. Box 17090 Baltimore, MD 21297-0303
    • They need funding support them during this dark time / huge transition from what they know
      • legal protection
        • these kids come and do not even get the chance to get lawyer for court
      • protecting from human trafficking, drugs and other forms of abuse
    • USA needs to support and work with communities
      • need to prevent violence
      • programs that help achieve that goal
      • Job development programs to help with the economy get more jobs out there and educate people so they can get better jobs. These  helps both economy and education


  • Strong Families Program


        • Reduce the likelihood of young people joining gangs and develop economic alternatives, like agriculture programs that link farmers to markets.